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Equine Assisted Coaching... What is that? Techniques to train riders? Horses? ... Actually, it is for personal development, any kind! No need to have experience with horses. Equine Assisted Coaching is about accompanying you on your growth path, personal or professional

In Equine Assisted Coaching the work is done on the ground and it’s not necessary to have knowledge of horsemanship. The horse is an additional coach, interacting with you throughout the process more passively or actively, depending on the aims and activities involved and they will give you direct and immediate feedback.

It is an experiential learning between you and the horse, where the animal becomes a mirror, a metaphor for what is happening to you. Equine Assisted Coaching is an accompaniment to develop strategies that allow you to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself.

Why with horses?

Horses are highly emotional and social animals, capable of immediately perceiving our emotions. They are true masters in the practice of "here" and "now" and fabulous testers of authenticity and coherence. They don't lie, they don't have ego, they don't judge, but they do react on what they perceive.

They are capable of accentuating our sensitivity and promoting qualities such as empathy, non-verbal communication and relationships with others. With them you can‘t cheat or lie allowing the process to be much more effective than much traditional coaching where a participant can take several sessions to open up to their coach or be honest with themselves.


Individual sessions
allow in-depth work on a topic defined by you.

The personal growth workshops
Usually last for one day and are learning and self-reflection sessions about oneself and the group.

Individual process

Individual sessions allow in-depth work on a topic (or several depending on the duration of the process and the progress in each session) defined by you. The starting point is usually your current situation and focuses on what you are willing to do to achieve your goals, being aware that progress and results depend on your intentions, choices and actions.

A session lasts approximately 1h30 and is carried out in an intimate and calm environment accompanied by free horses. The coaching processes with horses usually last from 5 to 8 sessions to achieve the objectives agreed at the outset.

In order to understand what brings you to want to undertake Equine Assisted Coaching a preliminary conversation is recommended. This first contact is free. It will allow Arión Coaching to better understand your needs and discover what your objectives / purposes are and clarify, as necessary, what Equine Assisted Coaching consists of and the development of sessions.

Who is it for?

Anyone, you do not need to have prior knowledge of horses, you just need to have the will to commit to the process.
What can you work on? The range of topics you can bring to a session is very wide, for example it might be:

⦁ Stress or anxiety, lack of freedom due to confinement
⦁ Self-esteem
⦁ Communication
⦁ Decision making
⦁ Changes to certain aspects of your life
⦁ Professional retraining
⦁ Blocking situations
⦁ Set boundaries
⦁ Self-awareness
⦁ Stress management
⦁ Natural and professional leadership
⦁ Improvement of personal relationships

Discover Equine Assisted Coaching without attachment.

1 individual session (1h30) : 65€

What’s included:

⦁ Inicial meeting to define your objectives
⦁ 1 individual session (1h30)
⦁ Discount on Workshops & Mindfulness sessions



WOW Pack
Unleash your potential! Undertake a comprehensive Equine Assisted Coaching programme to transform your life.

Full programme : 500€

What’s included:

⦁ Inicial meeting to define your objectives
⦁ 8 individual sessions (1h30)
⦁ Individual personalised daily follow up
⦁ Discount on Workshops & Mindfulness sessions



Want to provide an original gift? Give a memorable and innovative experience.
1 individual session (1h30) : 65€



Workshops for groups

The personal growth workshops usually last for one day and are learning and self-reflection sessions about oneself and the group.

They are dynamic activities and experiential learning that will allow you to grow and get to know yourself better.

Workshop examples:

• Build your self-esteem
• Communicate effectively
• Horse Time: The here and now
• Learn to set boundaries
• Connect: Discover your inner Self
• Empower yourself: Women’s Circle
• Overcome your fears!

Tailored workshops:

Design your own workshop, define the topic you would like to discuss and the time you have available and come with a group of friends or family!

During an initial consultation meeting we will investigate your needs / wishes and design a tailored workshop to propose a personalized and unique accompaniment.


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Group session
Equine Assisted Coaching group session is an exceptional tool to learn how to work together as team members.

Executive individual coaching process
The executive individual coaching process always focuses on the manager’s job skills / competencies.

Group session:

Equine Assisted Coaching group session is an exceptional tool to learn how to work together as team members. Its unique dynamics allow for the enhancement from team cohesion to individual competencies such as communication, leadership, conflict management as well as key skills like empathy or listening.

Group session benefits:

⦁ Identified strengths and areas of improvement as a team
⦁ Improved team cohesion
⦁ Helps conflicts resolution
⦁ Improved communication

Equine Assisted Coaching group sessions are custom designed in collaboration with the company. Based on a prior needs assessment we can work focusing on specific areas identified in advance.
Similarly, this tailored approach allows us to determine the duration as well as the participants required for optimal results.
It is a privileged moment for a team, a moment to stop, feel, reflect and undertake an individual and group action plan.

In our discussions prior to the Equine Assisted Coaching group sessions, we will define:

⦁ Your needs
⦁ Your goal
⦁ The follow-up

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Executive individual coaching process:

In an executive coaching process where you want to improve leadership skills, the manager will explore related skills such as self-knowledge, self-confidence, communication and responsibility. Executive coaching always focuses on the manager’s job skills / competencies, however to lead to a profound and sustainable change coaching, sessions will focus on interpersonal development, personal change and transformation.

Executive coaching process benefits:

⦁ Improved managerial skills
⦁ Improved manager’s relationship with direct team, superiors and with the entire organization
⦁ Boost leadership, help inspire other people
⦁ Increase self-awareness and help enhance talents and strengths
⦁ Contribute to aligning the managerial interests with corporate ones, maximizing performance and fulfilment of the manager’s objectives
⦁ Helps in conflict resolution
⦁ Positively affects conciliation and time management
⦁ Helps to generate and maintain commitment, responsibility and initiative

To get the best out of a coaching process, we recommend:

⦁ Minimum duration flexible between 2-4 months, with sessions around 1h30.
⦁ Conversation between coach and coachee to be confidential.
⦁ To focus on the future, to be structured and wherever possible, be measurable.
⦁ The coachee needs to have the willingness to engage a coaching process and be committed to the process in an open, constructive and positive way.

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Mindfulness is the complete awareness of oneself, of others and of the environment, using all our senses. It allows each person to cultivate their resilience, adopting more positive and effective ways of being and acting. Horses are highly emotional and social animals, capable of immediately perceiving our emotions.

Immersed in nature, surrounded by horses, we will observe the equine herd and observe how they live, how they move, how they relate to each other and discover why they are true masters in the practice of “here” and “now” and fabulous meters of authenticity and coherence. We will practice various Mindfulness techniques, to live in the present, be in the now, recognize what is happening while it is happening, actively accepting the flow of experience as it is happening. It does not require previous experience with meditation or with horses, everything is done out of the saddle as opposed to while riding.

Mindfulness session with horses (1h30) : 49€/person (minimum 4 people)

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My background

  • 2020 MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Institute EsMindfulness)
  • 2018 Equine Assisted Coaching certified by EICCE (Escuela Internacional de Coaching con Caballos Equilibri)
  • 2016 Ontological Coaching certified by ICF (International Coach Certification)
  • 2013 HR Management Master at EAE Business School /UPC

Other training

  • Effective communication (Fidentia)
  • Non verbal Communication (S+H)
  • Non Violent Communication (Resuena)
  • Leadership (MRC Training)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Pilar Aparicio)

About us

My dreams came true. I am living by the sea and with horses, and my work is my passion. As a certified Coach and Equine Assisted Coach, I accompany people during their process of change and development, both personal and professional. I accompany them on their path to overcome their challenges, unblock their potential, improve their skills and achieve their goals. I firmly believe in the capacity of each of us to truly connect with ourselves and those we interact with and in the power of our environment.
I undertook my own coaching process, having lived and worked in several countries, after I decided to take the leap and dedicate myself to Equine Assisted Coaching and at the same time relocate to the idyllic Costa de la luz, in Andalusia, Spain.

For more than 13 years I dedicated myself to the world of human resources in the Retail industry for Multinationals. There I forged an expertise in Training, Development, Recruitment, Communication, Engagement and Change Management working hand in hand with managers and employees towards business objectives. In this environment I developed my listening, communication and empathy skills to help managers and employees to identify the best solutions for their teams and their own professional development.

My personal experience and professional experience allows me to provide personalized and unique support in French, Spanish and English.
Anaïs Béranger

The herd

We have a herd of almost 40 equines, most of them horses, a couple of donkeys and a pony. The horses live in freedom in paddocks under the shade of wild olive trees. In the herd there are all kinds of horses: English thoroughbreds, Spanish purebreds, foals, young horses in training, polo, jumping, dressage, cuddly, mischievous…each with their own distinct character; what counts is that each one has kept its personality and lives in the most natural way possible.

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    Where are we?

    A unique enclave where you can get in back touch with nature. Nestled between the beach, sand dunes and wild olive tree.

    Our club is located on Mangueta beach on the Costa de Vejer, 15 minutes from La Breña natural park and Marismas de Barbate and 10 minutes from the beach of El Palmar.

    Finca Mangueta
    11159 Vejer de la Frontera

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